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Graduate Strong is a "cradle to career" place-based partnership and a member of the StriveTogether national network of nearly 70 communities across 29 states and Washington DC. 

StriveTogether has found that civic infrastructure- how a community organizes and holds itself accountable to achieve results- takes place across nine components and develops in a consistent pattern.  
The nine components are:

  • shared vision

  • commitment

  • data use

  • action

  • partnership capacity

  • communication

  • structure

  • practice change

  • community engagement

ST BADGES_2022_Sustaining_RGB.png

Civic Infrastructure:  How a community holds itself collectively accountable and organizes to 
implement a cradle-to-career vision. The StriveTogether Theory of Action™ identifies four 
pillars of work to build a civic infrastructure — Shared Vision, Evidence-based Decision Making, 
Collaborative Action, and Investment and Sustainability. 

Community Authority: Grounding work in the context of the community includes engaging a 
broad array of community voices through building awareness and information sharing; 
involving and mobilizing the community toward improvement; and co-developing solutions and 
strategies with community members. 

Contributing and Core Indicators: Core indicators are specific measures used to track progress 
on community-level outcomes. Contributing indicators are measured against data available in 
real time to indicate whether core indicators are improving. For example, early-grade reading 
(community-level outcome) is typically measured by a state assessment (core indicator), and 
chronic absenteeism can be used as a short-term predictor of students’ proficiency 
(contributing indicator). 

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