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Leadership Council 

The Leadership Council meets quarterly and serves in an advisory capacity for the Steering Committee; serve as champions of the collective effort within the community; discusses policy level implications of work within or coming out of the Network; and aligns organizational resources for Steering Committee and Workgroup participation. 

Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee meets monthly to create the overall vision and common agenda; review potential shared measurements/evaluation; analyze data and align with the logic model to guide action-focused workgroups; serve as visible champions of the collective effort within the community; and has influence over resources, policies, etc. of the agency they are representing. 

Action-Focused Workgroups

These "boots on the ground" individuals meet monthly to review and provide feedback on the common agenda; develop goals, strategies, and shared measurements to assess impact; use data, equity, and a trauma-informed perspective to inform strategy development and learning; and make connections between workgroups to ensure coordination and efficiency.  

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