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Collaborative Learning Academy (CLA)

Students can’t learn — teachers can’t teach — when they don’t feel safe, seen, and heard. Our emphasis is on helping school leaders understand the science of trauma and resilience and how we can build the individual capabilities that help each student and staff flourish.

The overall goal of the year-long learning journey is to increase capacity within school buildings to lead, implement, and sustain a trauma informed social emotional learning environment within their own school.  Woven into the delivery of the CLA is intentional networking and trust-building between/among participating teams to strengthen the web of local education leaders and their shared learning of social emotional learning (SEL) and the interconnection with equity, resiliency, protective factors, and trauma informed schools. 

In addition, the CLA provides an environment for school leaders to learn new information, practice skills, give and receive coaching, and build confidence and capacity for school teams to return and lead trauma informed SEL integration within their schools/districts.


2018-2019 Cohort

Bainbridge Island School District 
Crownhill Elementary
Fairview Middle School 
Mullenix Ridge Elementary
Naval Avenue Elementary 
Richard Gordon Elementary
Sidney Glen Elementary

Suquamish Elementary
West Hills STEM Academy

2019-2020 Cohort

Armin Jahr Elementary
Esquire Hills Elementary
James Taylor High School 
John Sedgwick Middle School
Mountain View Middle School 
North Kitsap High School 
South Kitsap School District
Woodward Middle School


2020-2021 Cohort

Bremerton High School 
Clear Creek Elementary
Fairview Middle School 
Kitsap Lake Elementary
Mountain View Middle School 
OESD Early Learning 
Olympic College 
Olympic High School

Orchard Heights

Pinecrest Elementary 

South Kitsap Alternative Schools

Woodlands Elementary

2021-2022 Cohort

Armin Jahr Elementary
Crownhill Elementary
Cedar Heights Middle School 

David Wolfle Elementary 

Kitsap Community Resources
Marcus Whitman Middle School
Mountain View Middle School 
Orchard Heights Elementary

Suquamish Elementary
West Hills STEM Academy

Woodlands Elementary 

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